IHRDC LMS Feature List Updates

v.2104 - Released January 2016

  • Addition of dashboard on administrative Home page that provides user, assignment, course, and curricula statistics
  • The "Curriculum Activity Details by User" report includes the ability to filter by organization node
  • Supervisors may be carbon copied on Reminder Emails during the "Add Assignment" process
  • Optional security measure added to prevent multiple user login sessions by single student
  • Users can be designated with Organization Administrator role privileges and modify various settings for their organization node, such as custom logos and login screens
Continuing performance improvement:
  • New User Registration page displays uploaded custom logos
  • Extra "Click OK to begin" prompt removed from assessments
  • Course Type appears in Student view of Curricula
  • "Enter" key functionality is tied to "Search" links and buttons
  • Advanced Course Search popup window on “Batch Credit Users” submenu resized to be wider

v.2103 - Released June 2014

  • Ability to delete custom logo and login page images from organization node
  • Assignment search capabilities now include a "Course Category" filter
  • User Name now appears in navigation menu
  • REST API included in IHRDC LMS
  • Flash installation message no longer displaying when IHRDC LMS is launched on a mobile device
  • Ability to limit course assignments based on licensing
Continuing performance improvement:
  • "Modify" button in Global settings and "Import Sample" button in data import no longer wrap
  • Improved playback of courses built in Articulate launched in Internet Explorer 8, 9, and 10
  • Fixed issue with appearance of links in Announcements
  • Number of users in sessions grids no longer runs together
  • "Info" link for curricula appears properly during "Step 3: Select Curricula" of assignment process
  • New user assignment feature implemented for users who self-register
  • Text box expanded for description in "Add New Group Type" function
  • Removed blank buttons from student view of Elective Catalog
  • Error removed when deleting attached files from homework assignments
  • Tabs updated to consistent plural formats

v.2101—Released September, 2013

  • Support for XAPI version 1.0 standard
  • Multiple enhancements to the Organization Node feature, enabling administrators to:
  • Display a custom login image and logo to users based on their Organization Node membership
  • Establish customized email templates for each Organization Node
  • Create automated course assignments when new users are added to Organization Nodes
  • Set user count limits and expiration dates for individual Organization Nodes
  • Customize “Home” page header and footer content for each Organization Node
  • Enable Organization Node administrators to manage courses, curricula, surveys, and assessments for their Organization Node
  • Ability to sequence course order in a curriculum as desired
  • Display of curriculum course list in the “New Assignment” email template
  • Specification of the location and root folder name of courses uploaded to IHRDC LMS
  • Email notification sent to users who are moved from waitlist to session roster for instructor-led courses
  • Status updates as “Registered for Session” instead of “Partially Registered” when a user has registered for an instructor-led course session but more sessions are available.
  • Launch fields update when a SCORM course is re-uploaded
  • “System”/”Courses” menu features operate at improved speed
  • Overlapped text fixed on “User Completion History” report
  • Calendar attachment now part of “Instructor Session Assignment” email template
  • Users can save username with “Remember me” checkbox on login page
  • Completed curricula appear on “Transcript” page

v.2100 Released July 2013

  • Automated emails sent in user's preferred language based on user's language preference user group
  • AICC course session timeout extended to 24 hours
  • "Company Name" added to Session Roster in "Course" tab in Instructor View
  • Delete "X" button replaced with checkboxes on user Assignment List in "Assignment" tab, Category Members list in "Course" tab, and User History Delete page in "System" tab
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