How does your corporate pricing work?

IHRDC provides clients with two licensing options for accessing IHRDC e-Learning courses: 

The Registered User License allows access to a specified number of e-Learning course titles for a specified number of registered users within an organization. The pricing for a Registered User License is based upon the concurrent number of users and the number of courses that are being licensed per user. 

The Course-Based License allows access to e-Learning course titles and is open to any number of employees within an organization. Licensees may elect to access courses through the IHRDC-hosted LMS. Each time one of your employees launches a course, the appropriate dollar value will be deducted from the original credit amount. This license is meant to be flexible, and you could assign any number of courses to any number of staff depending on your needs. 


For more information about licensing options, please visit http://ihrdc.com/IHRDC-e-LearningSolutions/ 

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