What certifications do your e-Learning courses offer?

Currently, IHRDC offers a ‘Certificate of Completion’ which indicates that the learner has succeeded in scoring at or above a certain percentage of questions in an e-Learning course.  This score is not meant to determine a person’s minimal competency in a given e-Learning course (such minimal competency is also known as a cut-score).  However, many companies and organizations recognize the educational value of IHRDC courses, and a 'Certificate of Completion' may be a good indication of the knowledge you have gained by completing an IHRDC course. 

You are able to print the "Certificate of Completion" once you fully complete an e-Learning course; however, it is important to recognize that IHRDC is not currently accredited by any university or government organization.  See https://support.ihrdc.com/hc/en-us/articles/200261314 to learn how to print the certificate of completion.


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